The Power of Forgiveness.

It hurts doesn’t it. That deep seated pain you feel writhing through your body day after day, it hurts. We have all felt pain caused by the actions or behaviour of other people haven't we, it is awful. The pain and hurt caused can literally consume you, make you sick, make you emotional beyond anything you have ever experienced before, it can eat you up inside. Holding on is only hurting you, your life is on hold and in danger of not moving forward unless you take steps to heal yourself. 

Somewhere along the path of finding true happiness there comes a time when you have to forgive. Part of the self healing process is to forgive. Non of us are ever going to be free to lead happy lives if we are weighed down by the emotions caused by hurt, by grieve. There is a time when you are going to have to be brave, no more shying away from it. You are going to have to be real, no more lying to yourself or others about the way you feel. Looking within and facing the pain isn't going to be easy but it will be rewarding – the feeling of freedom, of contentment is waiting on the other side of this obsticle.  

In order to forgive someone or something you have to first find some acceptance within the situation. What has happened, has happened and as awful as it is you have to try coming to terms with it because otherwise your energy is going to deplete into the empty space that belongs to hurting.  

Acceptance and forgiveness are two of the hardest challenges we face in life and it is going to take time but you are able to do it. Human beings are incredibly resilient, we can get knocked down and get back up again, anything is possible. As you start accepting what has happened and you aim to forgive, your life is going to get easier - there's less fight needed in being comfortable within a situation having come to terms with it.