Sacred Woman Awakening Course

When I had my calling to undertake the Sacred Women Awakening Course little did I know it was going to change my life. High in the Ibizan mountains I joined ten other woman in a tipi to embark on what I feel was my transition into womanhood. When I look back on the experience it was with out a doubt the most incredibly enlightening course I've ever been lucky enough to take part in, I owe a lot to the women I shared my experience with, Diana the incredible leader of the course and on hindsight myself for allowing myself to be there and encouraging myself to be so courageous. Pretty much as soon as the course started I had some terrifying realisations; firstly I couldn’t believe how disconnected from my feminine power I was, how disconnected from my own womb I was. I was 24 at the time and had never considered the power my own womb held. In a male dominated world where young women are suppressed, where the words womb, period and vagina are almost taboo I realised how much that had effected me. Why on earth are we not more open about the fundamentals of womanhood? I also had a shocking realisation regarding the pain that women are carrying, nearly every woman in that tipi opened up about sexual abuse, abortion and all kinds of heartbreak. I remember feeling shocked about the amount of suffering being caused to the women in the tipi and struggling to fathom the amount of suffering being inflicted upon women outside the course. We were the lucky ones, the ones that had found a path to healing, so many more women are suffering alone, without a support network or a way out.  

Over the course I connected to my own womb, I listened to her, sang her song, became one with my own centre of being. I learnt how to manifest and create from within my own womb and also how to hold onto my female energy. Through meditation and shamanic journeys an incredible amount of uncovering happened, it felt as if each painful event in my wombs history was being uncovered, unturned and healed. Through connecting with my womb I learnt about my own self worth, I released so much and forgave more than I thought was possible. It is hard to put into words the transition I went through during and also after completing the course but if anyone is wanting to learn more about themsleves, their womb and craves to be more at peace with the turma that has happened in their life I urge you to take this course. Diana the leader is an amazing woman, on an incredible mission to help women rise up. The course will provide you with an opportunity to connect with the Earth, the Cosmos and the Divine Mother and utilise their healing powers, you will get to meet other women that are on a similar path of awakening and together activate sacred, sexual, healing and creative power within your womb. If any part of this article resonates with you and you want more information please connect me. The Sacred Women Awakening Course – the course that changed my life.