One of the main focuses of this project is to bring women together so that they can feel held and supported by other women in order to ease their healing process. We all have things we need to heal or bounce back from and what better way to do that than by within a community of great women. When any emotional obstacle is met with honesty, openness and love it can be dissolved and one can move forward into a more balanced, peaceful, happier space. Listed below are some of the Girls That Grow offerings that aim to heal the beautiful women we're lucky enough to interact with on a personal level. 

A sense of community in todays world is lacking, we want to revive it. Together is better. 




Sister Circles

A beautiful space where women can come together and experience the power of sisterhood. We connect, meditate, heal, share, support one another, love and laugh. 

Thereโ€™s real medicine created when women come together and recognise the power within themselves and others, come along to explore what it feels like to be supported by other women and release what is holding us back from living a free from pressure, happier life.

(Workshop dates, times and locations will be shared via the newsletter or social media pages).


One - One Healing Sessions

These treatments are tailor made to suit your needs, they are primarily designed to leave you more relaxed, in balance and at peace with any emotional challenges you may be facing. The session will include a combination of both holistic healing and Emotional Freedom Technique which both work with the energy lines in the body, removing any blockages and ensuring energy is flowing freely. This treatment is great for any emotional or physical pain you may have but also for tackling issues such as; fears, insecurities, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, heart break, body image, blocks in performance and so much more. The treatment harnesses the energy within the body alongside the use of affirmations to trigger a more positive emotional & mental state leading to more equilibrium in the body.

(Treatments are approximately 2 โ€“ 3 hours long and can be treated as solo sessions or as part of a more in depth coaching/healing programme. Contact us for more information or to book appointments.)