Girl Gangs - Unite!

It's difficult to be a girl in today's world. For years I never really gelled with other girls, I found it hard to connect with them. I didn't trust girls and I found myself constantly comparing myself to them. Can you relate to this?  


I want to share with you how amazing it is when girls come together. Drop the predjustice and connect with one another, love each other unconditionally. Society is hard enough without girls being against each other. We are brainwashed to care so much about so many irrelevant things in life that we start to forget the basics, we are all human. Why spend your time belittling, miss-treating and being rude to other women? When you think about it we all have the same desires, we all crave close friendships, we all want to be understood and we all want to be loved, that’s just our nature. Be open and be compassionate towards each other, let each other in and build connections that are going to feed your soul.  

Recently I have been lucky enough to witness how powerful it is when girls come together. When girls unite and they feel safe in each others company the energy is unbelievable. Empower one another, support each other, come together, collaborate. Work through hard times as a team, share and grow. Challenge and inspire one another, be ride or die. Be compassionate – remember all girls are going through their own stuff, help each other through it, hold each others hands in the dark times and dance together in the light. Together is better.