Photo credits - central image: @justingphoto left & right: @ruth_garner

Photo credits - central image: @justingphoto left & right: @ruth_garner

My name is Amy Ward, I am the founder of Girls That Grow and I am on a mission to empower the beautiful women I am surrounded by.  

After awakening to the power inside myself almost over night a few years ago, I have been on a pretty powerful journey of self discovery ever since. I don’t claim to know all the answers, I just claim to know my own truth and I am finally ready to share it with people. Being a young woman in todays society is tough, it poses so many challenges but I believe that by sharing experiences, knowledge, trust, openness and love we can help each other grow.  

Although I am just one woman, I am not alone. I am the women who raised me, the women that raised them, I am the women who have taught me, guided me, stood by me and loved me. I am a reflection of the people I have met along the way, the challenges that have been thrown at me and the experiences I have been lucky enough to have. We live in a world where there is constant pressure to lead Instagram worthy lives, when in reality life isn't perfect, its hard and sometimes there isn't a filter that can fix things. However I believe that by coming together, having empathy for ourselves and others we can rid the need for perfectionism and lead much happier lives.  

Girls That Grow is a space I've created where girls and women alike can come share, learn, empower and feel free. I want to offer a support network where girls can come together to help each other grow both online and in person. Lets stand together and grow together.  

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